Universal Duo Change Table

Universal Duo Change Table

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Take the stress out of changing your baby, with the Universal Duo Change Table. It is ergonomically designed to ensure your back is optimally supported and your baby is safe and secure with a safety barrier on both sides. It has great storage shelves for everything you need for change time.

Curve or square? You don’t need to decide as you can have both.

The Universal Duo Change Table is perfect affordable change table for any nursery.

It is the optimal height for supporting you, creating the perfect ergonomics for your back – so no more back breaking bending to change baby several times a day. Add the 4 lockable wheels for easy manoeuvrability, during cleaning.

This is simple change table is safer for your baby as it is includes an added safety barrier on both sides, which is really important with a wiggly little one. Remember though we never leave our babies unattended on a change table. Add a change mat and you are ready for change time with your baby. See our easy to clean change mat to fit this change table.

There are two shelves to store the essentials required during change time. This makes changing your baby a breeze (although sometimes a smelly breeze).

Best of all, now you can have the best of both worlds with the interchangeable change table panel. You can select from 2 stylish options a square or a curved aesthetic – allowing you to change not only your baby but also your nursery style from curvy to square and back again.

Simple and versatile – to take the back breaking work out of changing your baby.

 We recommend that you do not leave your baby unattended whilst on the change table.

Top Safety Tip: Maintain eye contact and talk to your baby whilst you are changing them as they are less likely to wiggle if you have engaged them.